The 60 mile course (the classic Skyway course) will be the same as last year. 60/100 will follow the same path with the 60 turning around at the 30 mile point.


The 100 mile option will follow the 60 mile course and then continue on the Skyway to Gunterstown Rd, where you will hang a left and bomb down toward the FS637 junction.  This years course will be similar to a couple of years ago as we will again include the formidable FS637. This section is due west of the Skyway and you will access this via Guntertown Rd as you skip the last portion of FS600-2 and drop down to the lower elevations. FS637 has its own version of relentless forest road climbing with a couple of monsters that climb out of the creek beds.  This winding chip/seal pavement road will lead you back to 281 where you get the big asphalt climbs to Adams Gap and back onto the straight shot SKYWAY MOTORWAY. The 100 mile distance is an 'ish and will be more in the range of 110 - you have been warned - aight?