Southern Fried Rides exists to create truly epic bicycle races in the beautiful wilderness areas of Alabama. We organized our first epic race in 2012 with the inaugural SKYWAY EPIC 60 mile MTB endurance race. This was after 10 years of running a cx series called BAMACROSS that we founded to bring the cx culture to Alabama. The first Skyway was all we needed to know that our future was in backcountry endurance events because the vibe was just too good to ignore. SKYWAY EPIC has now grown to host 3 events in a single race day - The OG 60, The unbelievably tough 117 and a 300 mi. bikepacking event that has an attrition rate of over 90%. 2018 saw us dip our toes into the gravel scene with the Alabama Ass Whoopin’ - a 44/88 mile gravel grinder on a course that fits with our core - brutal, beautiful and a challenge that rewards the racer with more than a prize could ever achieve. 2019 will see an expansion of the Ass Whoopin’ by introducing a new course for the longer category. This route is dubbed ‘Hella Hundo’. Click on the Ass Whoopin’ or Skyway Epic pages for more info. We will also open a products page shortly on the site soon if you would like to purchase back stock race shirts, patches, jerseys, etc. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to suffer with you soon.